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Berkeley University of California

Location: Berkeley, California, USA


Computer Graphics Lab University of California, Irvine

Location: Irvine, California, USA


California Institute of Technology
Computer Graphics Research

Location: Pasadena, California, USA


Stanford University
Computer Graphics Laboratory

Location: Stanford, California, USA


Columbia University
Computer Graphics & User Interfaces Lab

Location: New York City, New York, USA


Cornell University
Program of Computer Graphics

Location: New York City, New York, USA


Brown University Computer Graphics Group

Location: Rhode Island, USA


Georgia Institute of Technology GVU Center
Georgia Institute of Technology Scientific Visualization

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA


Indiana University Computer Science Department

Location: Bloomington, Indiana, USA


Maryland Baltimore County University GAVL

Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA


MIT Computer Graphics Group

Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


New York University Media Research Lab

Location: New York City, New York, USA


Pennsylvania University Center for Human Modeling & Simulation

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


Princeton University
Graphics and Geometry Group

Location: Princeton, New Jersey, USA


Utah University Computer Graphics and Visualization
Utah University Immersive Environment Research

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, USA





Bradford University Graphics and Image Processing Research Group

Location: Bradford, UK


British Columbia University Image Computer Graphics Laboratory

Location: Vancouver, Canada


Delft University of Technology Computer Graphics and CAD/CAM

Location: Delft, Germany


Dortmund University Computer Graphics Group

Location: Dortmund, Germany


East Anglia University Computer Graphics

Location: Norwich, UK


ETH Computer Graphics Research Group

Location: Zurich, Switzerland


Leuven Katholieke University Computer Graphics Research Group

Location: Leuven, Belgium


LIG - Computer Graphics Lab

Location: Lausanne, Switzerland



Location: Geneva, Switzerland


Sao Carlos Federal University GRV

Location: Brasil


University of Toronto Dynamic Graphics Project

Location: Toronto, Canada


Trinity College Dublin Image Synthesis Group

Location: Dublin, Ireland


Vienna University of Technology Institute of Computer Graphics

Location: Vienna, Austria


West Bohemia University Computer Graphics Laboratory

Location: Pilsen, Czech Republic




U.S. Department of Labor

ACM SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics)


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